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     I am a visual artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. I started my art journey as a young child painting every chance I received. My art style has varied throughout the years, but my favorite style is still expressionism. I love to create bright and colorful art with a statement. Creating art is helpful, peaceful and a quiet escape from my reality of having epilepsy. 

     I owe my success to my two beautiful children, my husband, my mom and sisters. Without them I do not believe I would have the motivation to create. 

     Throughout the years I have been blessed to participate in art organizations such as "Ya/Ya" (Young Aspirations Young Artists, Inc.) They helped me to develop my art stills and mature trough my artwork. I am proud to be and alumni of "Ya/Ya". I have also had the opportunity to be a part of the St. Bernard's Artist Guild. I also host paint parties and give painting classes as a way to expand creativity. I have had my artwork displayed in galleries such as NOLA RampArt Gallery and varies online galleries. My art has also been displayed in many other art events and festivals like Raw Rtist New Orleans throughout the years.  

     As so many artists before me, my art is a piece of me and a part of my soul.

Thank you for letting my share my journey and passion with you! 

I am truly thankful and blessed for each and every one who supports my journey!

Certificate of Appreciation
NOLA City Counicl Award
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