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Teigan M. B. Maynard was born on Saturday, January 14, 1984, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since the day she was able to hold a pencil, her family knew she was talented. Her artwork is portrayed as expressionism, abstract and fantasy. Her paintings reflect her emotions, surrounding environments, culture, traditions and her vivid imagination. In fact, it is what makes her unique. She is blessed with the gift to create and wants to show the world beauty in a different aspect. 

She has done numerous art exhibits and events throughout her 30 years in the art world, such as RAW Artist NOLA-Ovation, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Art Exhibit, Islenos Fiesta and more.
Teigan is recognized as an Alumni of Ya/Ya (Young Aspiration/Young Artist of New Orleans), in the St. Bernard Art Guild and the New Orleans Arts Council. She has won multiple awards regarding her art.

Teigan's artwork exhibited at NOLA RampArt Gallery located on North Rampart in New Orleans, Louisiana.  
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